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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



Played with latest version and I’m afraid users are not going to get the workflow. The tagging to create groups is going to throw people off.

People are used to:

Creating album and name it

Uploading images to album

Naming, tagging images and saving

The create album part of this workflow is mushed into tagging and people will not want to add tags to all their photos. They are lazy. It would be easier if they clicked an album and then upload button in that album says “add to album”. If they are on the main albums page and click upload then there should be a drop down that lists the current albums and the image being uploaded gets placed in that album.

The tagging system should just be a categorization method.

Example you have an Album of movie posters called action films and in this folder you have several posters with the actor Brad Pitt. So you tag these. Well Brad may have posters in a comedy album as well. So you could tag them and then sort through all images via the Brad Pitt tag.

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