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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



I agree with Modemlooper, Travel-Junkie, paulhastings, 21cdb and Mike Pratt. The system is cool but it is just not going to work for a lot of users. You just can’t expect every user to tag evey image, and the thought of having the same image in 5 or six “groups” (tags) with no other way to sort them seems a little annoying.

And without albums this simple task…

Example you have an Album of movie posters called action films and in this folder you have several posters with the actor Brad Pitt. So you tag these. Well Brad may have posters in a comedy album as well. So you could tag them and then sort through all images via the Brad Pitt tag.

Becomes a bit of a mess

Oh… I Second this :)

+1 for upload to album (choose from list or create new) and tag/name later or at upload time.

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