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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion




From PM Re: “

Awesome thanks for your help. I just realized I wasn’t on the latest Beta version ( I thought I was)

The new versions automatic thumbnails works really awesome.

I am noticing one bug, in the activity stream (

It shows the picture and everything, but the link to them is not working right it has this URL:

When I browse to the picture itself using the “media” tab the url that works should be:

(it’s also sometimes O instead of M)

Any ideas why that would be happening? Is this the best place to post these type of questions?

The activity stream bug was reported by @connor-mccarra this morning. We’ll fix it in the next beta, out in a few days.

The “” where the suffix may be T, P, S, M, L, or O is the plugin automatically selecting the best image size to fit in your template.

It has to account for some users uploading very large images, and some users uploading very small images, resulting in there may or may not being various downsampled sizes in the cache. It uses a nearest-fit algorithm to determine which size is closest to “medium” and serves that image.

All of this will be configurable in the backend, allowing different sites to be optimized for say, photographers -vs- mobile phones.


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