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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



@Gene53 @foxly

Just thought I’d mention for my needs i’ll need to be able to support extremely large files (I plan on allowing people to upload wallpapers, even dual-screen wallpapers). So i’ll need to allow as much width/height as possible. Maybe even greater than 4000px sometimes.

On a side note I love the way BP-Album automatically splits up the different thumbnails (Original, Large, Medium,etc..) That is a stroke of genius!

– One Feature request would be to by default have a Download Link pointing to the raw image file (Kind of Like I figured out a way to add that into the template file using one of the url template tags to point to the original image so that may not be necessary, but I could see a lot of users wanting that by default.

– Another cool feature would be to have a way to show the main focused image like it is now, and have a list of thumbnails under the main image (in addition to the next / previous links), kind of like this page (except not Ajax based because that’s not Search Engine Friendly)

– One last Feature I would suggest is to have a “Default Album” e.g. if someone doesn’t select or even create an album they can still upload to their “Default Album” I can see some of my users getting lazy and not wanting to deal with Albums and stuff like that (Although I really like the Album feature my users may be confused when they don’t have an Add Image button and they *have* to create an album to upload pictures)

Thanks for the great work, I love the direction this plugin is heading.

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