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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion

Mike Pratt


testing v Excellent progress so far. I have not been able to break this build (yea!) but I have a bunch of usability comments to add and, hopefully, help with.

1. I’d consider giving admins the ability to decide what users are presented with when they upload media e.g. whether they have to deal with visibility options at such a granularity. My site is behind a wall so “public” will only throw them off. This is minor, I know.

2. I know you use the FB metaphor about creating an album first but I’d make the media add process a logical next step. Right now you create the album and the process just kinda stalls.

3. The member tags field will cause my folks to do nothing. I’d suggest making it more FB like. You click a button that says “tag this photo” and a list pops up of your friends to tag with. Now, I know there isn’t yet the ability to tag faces, but it needs to be clear that you can tag your friends in pics (maybe something along the lines of the auto suggest in the private message area?

Will send more feedback as I go thru. Many Thanks so far.

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