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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



@Mike Pratt

I think all three of your points are great ideas.

First off, with regards to #1, we’ll be adding full configurability for what privacy categories are called and which ones are available. The code is already in the place for this, we just need to add the config options to the admin screen.

Second, with regards to the album creation process, actually the way Facebook implements it is just with an “Add Media” button on the home screen. And then as part of the upload process, you create an album for the media items. So the process has “flow”.

We’re going to do this as well, but we have to get the multi-file uploader finished first.

Third, with regards to tagging friends. Again, Facebook implements it exactly as you have described …and so will we.

It’s actually been very easy to design the UI for this plugin. Whether they realize it or not, everybody wants every feature to work like either a) Flickr, or b) Facebook or c) YouTube …lol


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