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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



@21cdb – This would be possible to add by calling the BP Album+ upload action hook. If enough people request this we can certainly add it, but we’re basically just going straight down the list and implementing the features the most people vote for in order of number of votes.

@draganbabic – Thanks for the catch. I will fix that immediately!

*** See how much faster problems get fixed when everybody looks for them ? :) ***

@bobin1983 – Batch uploading with the flash uploader is being considered for 0.1.8

@Gpo1 – Tagging is supported in the Monday release.

@Travel-Junkie – Disk space quota is being considered for 0.1.8.

As for EXIF and image rotation, once we have 0.1.7 released, the plugin will be using our new data model and we will be ready for other developers to contribute code.

Would you be able to write code that handles these functions and contribute it to the project?

@Tosh – In version 0.1.7 absolutely positively everything will have an action hook on it, so you can easily extend the plugin. It will also have “Production Grade” documentation, as you have seen we have done with the “template developer” version we posted last night.

We are very enthusiastic about documentation.

I mean, if we have 100,000 developers using this plugin and we can save each of them 15 minutes by having properly documented stuff, that’s 25,000 hours of development time that can be spent making BuddyPress better instead of being angry at the BP Album+ dev team!


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