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Re: BP Album vs BP Gallery



I say kudos to the developers of both plugins. And, to each according to online community’s requirements and site developer’s preferences as well.


I prefer BP Gallery plugin even in its RC1 version and I am using it in private membership site. As for people “shunning” a free outstanding plugin, I really doubt it. Right now, users can upload to group and individual albums and I’m waiting for the BP Gallery shortcode for user’s and group blogs, plus ability to upload albums in blog posts to appear in BP activity stream and sitewide gallery directory.


Get off your high horse. I find it weird that you would be dissing the BP Gallery plugin which has not been released as stable yet and which the developer has mentioned will be released as free after it’s been tested by paid members and cleaned up further by Brajesh. You are insulting both Brajesh and those who chose to support Brajesh in the development of BP Gallery just for your own self-serving promotion.

What’s weirder is that you’re getting all huffed up about the delay of BP Gallery releases when I among others who shelled out at least $30 to aid in development do understand the causes for the delays and are not vitriolic like you have been in this forum.

If you’re raising hell about BP Gallery to generate attention because you’re getting involved in BP Album and want to promote it, then you’re going about it the long way. As it is, shooting from the mouth in this forum just gives an impression of a totally unprofessional developer. Free speech and all that, your comments above leave something to be desired as you don’t even have the facts correct as Bowe mentioned above.

As for Brajesh releasing it free to the community after stable version is out – I’m all for it.

Do not presume to ascribe to all members what your negative preferences would have been.

@Brajesh – way to go man.

@Modemlooper – you’re on WP 2.9.2 and not WPMU 2.9.2 right? You have GD library enabled?

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