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Re: BP Album vs BP Gallery

Pedro Miguel


Its a little offtopic but the subscription at Brajesh Singh site (buddydev) really woth every cent/penny

You can find support to many questions about buddypress integration and code snippets. Brajesh Singh is really a nice person.

I’m/was a subscriber on several developer communitys, for instance incsub with wpmudev I consider the price is really really high for the kind of quality of plugins/templates. both are allways full of bugs, I feel like a paid beta tester there and if you read the foruns every time you make a question, wpmudev staff simple point to wp/bp codex. Even on premium foruns.

Another example is gavaity forms plugin, I ask a question about a bug on the plugin at more than 24h and dont receive a single “we are looking on that”.

So my main point here is $30 for 90 days subscription is nothing with the quality provided.

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