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Re: bp-events for bp 1.1 needs testing!



so I dropped all the event tables and deleted all the plugin files

This will not work because every plugin sets a table version number, so you would have to up the number in the plugin. It is in the first few lines of bp-events.php. Also, possibly tables will get created when you actually create an event, not on install.

So has the original developer abandoned bp-events?

No, but he is still very busy getting a stable version out for the bp1.0.3 branch. With BP1.1 around the corner there is a huge need for many site owners to have an events plugin that supports bp1.1. I can’t afford to wait, so I’m picking up the torch for now and John James Jacoby has offered to help.

This is the beauty of open source, nobody has to sit on side lines and watch the development. Jump in and get your hands dirty.

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