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Re: bp-events for bp 1.1 needs testing!



Hi David, I have been very busy with a deadline at the office. Now with 1.1 out I am re prioritizing working on the BASE code for bp-events 1.1. Some stuff will need to be updated to reflect the gazillion bug fixes in BP 1.1. Eventhough it seems to work fine on my install, I will create another local install to see where it is at with the official BP 1.1.

My task has been really to port over the basic events functionality as a service to the community. Erwin will continue on this port and extend the features as he wishes. The biggest part that is not included with the current port is the directory view, since that was still in flux when I started porting so I left it till matured.

Give me some time as I also have another major plugin (group blog) that needs reworking of the code. However as I said, my aim is to help build a stable release for a bare bones bp-events 1.1. That is the most important task, upon which new features can be build.

Make sure to read the readme of the trunk as installation will be different and more compliant with buddypress methodology of installing plugins versus wpmu.

So…just a little more time or help is always appreciated :)

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