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Re: bp-events for bp 1.1 needs testing!



OK, well I had a few problems to start with, mainly due to remnants from the previous plugin version’s structure.

The main purpose was actually moving forward as I had no way of testing backwards compatibility. Therefore please don’t expect to much out of old events, rather focus on creating new ones.

Another thing to note is that I tried putting the events directory in the framework directory rather than the default theme directory, and that caused things not to work. I think it would be better, and in line with groups and member directories, if events could be added to the framework, not just the theme.

Actually when dealing with parent and child themes, it is best to leave the framework alone imo. Since than you don’t lose any information when updating the frame work. I think this is common with parent/child themes. Evens so, it should just work in the framework folder as well. What exact errors were you having in regards to this.

When I look at an event that was already created prior to installing this version, I see the location as it should be, however, when going to the front end admin screens, the location is set to the tagline. Updating the location instead adds the new location to the recent news, and leaves the location unchanged IN THE FRONT END ADMIN SCREENS.

Again, this is probably due to incompatibility with the previous version. Namely the website field has been left out, which is likely to shift everything around. I’m not sure.

There are no icons for the event menu list.

Hmmm, they work fine on my install. Please check where the path is pointing to for the image that is missing.

Event invite isn’t working, but I don’t think it is for groups either.

Yeah…did not get around testing this, but should behave the same way as groups as the architecture is identical.

The ajax loading icon has gone from the widget; although the ajax change in newest etc still works, without the loading icon it isn’t necessarily clear that anything is happening.

Ajax functionality is lacking yes.

Also for the widget, can we have event details back in?

I actually did not change the widgets. I would have to check this out.

Going to doesn’t bring anything up; I’m assuming that this will be where the calendars will be put back in?

The directory still needs to be ported. You could theme your own.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. Things seem cleaner. But some of those features really need building back in once this base is established.

It is essential that the base is solid imo. Before the plugin was so much and much of it did not work. I think it could also be versioned better, but that is really up to the author. At this point my aim was to help jump start this plugin. Code and patches are welcome if you would like to help.

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