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Re: bp-events for bp 1.1 needs testing!



No trac, but you can just send patches or code through my profile or irc. The svn at the moment is temporary until Erwin takes over again. I should note, that while testing is really appreciated and that you for sure can use the plugin as is, there is no guarantee that Erwin will actually use this code base and he could take a different direction all together. Just to disclaim on my part :) So, also new features will not be implemented as the base code first needs to be accepted.

That being said. On what url or you missing icons? I might have completely overlooked it. I have gone through a LOT of code, so it easy to miss something. I’ll fix the translation as well. Thanks…

I just set up a new event, and the issue with the location still exists

This could be because you have upgraded? On a clean install I am pretty sure this is not the case, but I will verify later today.

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