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Re: bp-events plugin ported to 1.2.x ?



I am pretty resigned to the fact that i am not going to be upgrading my BP sites any time soon if ever. I am really disappointed by this because until 1.2 things were going great with the platform. That would not be so bad except for the fact that the invite system on BP events never really worked so many of my users are just not using the events section at all which was a major hub of activity on my former Ning based sites. On that note I have to be honest and admit that i have told many soon to be Ex Ning folks that if Events functions are important to their site they will need to look elsewhere because at this time BuddyPress is not a good solution for them.

Yes i have looked at the “Eventpress” solution that is being worked on but unfortunately it uses the dDshboard to create and mange events which is entirely the wrong track IMHO. Unless someone is higher than a Subscriber to your site they really should never see the dashboard.

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