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Re: bp-events update



This is where Drupal open source community shines. Developers can submit code or bug fixes to the project eventhough they are not part of the team. The lead developer, can then at their own leisure decide what to do with this. Sure we have trac and all that, but Drupal does this a whole lot better. This in turn makes it much easier for lead developers and encourages people to help with the project.

I realize this is not a helpful piece of information at all actually :( I just wish we could work together better and more effectively as co-developers.

Thanks for sharing Erwin, I totally understand. Honestly, I log to many hours and should keep a better balance. I’m glad you are able to do that. We all look forward to your continued involvement and we value it a lot. Especially since you are not a professional programmer! So be encouraged, sorry I can’t be involved more since bp 1.1.

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