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Re: BP-FBConnect not working with buddypress 1.2.3



Instead for me it’s the only one that works very very well (and I have tried wp-fb-autocnnect, Gygia, simple fb connect, Facebook Connect to Adam Hupp, Faux Facebook Connect -only for comment- and others)!
The only ones that work (for me) are Gygia (but only if you have a normal WordPress installation) and BP-Facebook connect (there is a very little problem with logout redirect). And more, Bp-Facebook gets also the (facebook) email of user.
I don’t love its method to work, but it works.

I have Buddypress 1.2.3 and WordPress 3.0 beta 1 (network installation with subdirectory).
The very great problem that I have with Bp-Facebook (at the moment) is the incompatibility with WordPress MU Domain Mapping: if my secondary blog mantains subdirectory url, BP-facebook works (too well).
But if I change a subdirectory url with a primary url ( to it goes crazy.
And this is a problem!

I hope Peatling update his plugin!

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