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Re: BP Groupblog Error – Call to undefined function



@MariusOoms – no need to apologize. It’s the price we pay to use open source. If it’s a mission critical feature, upgrades can be done on a test server or backups allow for rolling back until all is good to go live. It’s appreciated that you got this plugin established. Anything you can do in the future will also be appreciated.

When upgrading for bp 1.2, take a look at JJJ’s comments regarding hooking dependent plugins in to bp_int. It sounds like it’s the preferred way (over what I posted earlier) to load bp first:

Best of luck with your move!

@nonegiven – I’m now having no problems with groupblogs. Old Group Blog pages are recognized and all the Blog Menu Options within the Group are associated with the correct group blog. I’d also love to see the groupblog function as part of the core bp.

@Andy – Still confused by your comment but it may not matter given the change JJJ has made to the trunk.

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