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Re: BP GroupBlog, P2 ready (with bugs)! Please review…



ok a few observations. In all steps below I do not create a group blog during the group creation as you requested.

1. If I try to let the plugin create the blog, it gives me a white screen, clicking refresh on the screen then shows error that blog has been created.

— I go into the db and sure enough it’s created

— There seems to be no way of assigning the newly created blog to the group

— I then simply delete the new blog from the database

2. If I create a blog prior to creating the group, create the group, and then go back and try to assign a created blog to the group it does not work on the first try.

— I then go back in and try it a few times again, and once in awhile it will kick in and accept it.

Basically it took me 5 attempts to link one blog with a group, and then it took 4 attempts to do this the second time. In the end both worked out.

There was no way I could let the plugin create the blog where it would work. It does indeed create the blog, but does not link it to the group. Only solution is to go into the admin and delete the newly created blog.

I hope all this info helps troubleshoot things for you.

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