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Re: BP GroupBlog, P2 ready (with bugs)! Please review…




2nd note: Posting new blogposts works great! I can add new posts/photos and videos on the blog page and you get a nice growl like notification when you post something.. This is some serious next level stuff!

The magazine theme layout looks cool, but I feel it’s bit overwhelming for certain users. especially on lower resolutions I feels a bit crammed, with the 3 column recent posts, etc. But I think that’s something personal, and you already said that you’re working on different layouts. I’ve tried to view a different layout in my blog, but could not find the settings. But my suggestion for a third theme would be:

This is quite simple but powerful enough.. I don’t know if you can add custom text boxes/widgets, but I think that would allow user to be creative with their blog. I forgot to offer a search/archive widget, but that would be handy as well.

3rd note: To avoid confusion I would probably rename Status Update in the groupblog to something like News Update or Blog Update, so that it does not get mixed up with a status/activity update in BuddyPress. To be honest I think that the P2 status update does not add much to it, because a group admin can easily post a status update in the group itself. I understand it’s a added feature in the P2 theme, but I think BP handles it very well.. This is also something personal though :)

4th: Maybe allow the user to switch to a full markup mode or tiny editor to have more control over longer posts. You already mentioned bringing everything to the front end, but maybe you can solve this by opening a lightbox with the full featured posting of the WP backed (and then remove the navigation in the admin, so the users only sees the posting area). This might be complicated and/ore messy, but it would make for a better user experience.

I’m really really impressed with the current plugin so far and I can’t wait to try it on my site. Thanks so much for sharing this Marius and the rest of YWAM!

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