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Re: BP RC2 – width inconsistency continues



Hello, DJPaul,

My note was not an ode to IE6 (in fact, I have created several websites using simple HTML and my biggest problem was always IE6). I mentioned IE6 precisely because it’s hated and unsupported by most and yet somehow is able to solve the width problem inherent in BP.

I stressed on the problem again because (1) it’s after using RC2 and (2) I have more precise details this time. The width discrepencey I mentioned is as found in itself and it’s applicable to Firefox, which is my default browser for your information (I like Firebox, if I ignore their imposition of

I am not an expert; just an observant user. If I am capable of creating a patch myself for resolving the problem, what am I doing here! And, at any rate, creating a patch is impossible unless I know where the problem lies precisely.

If nobody is going to answer, it’s ok with me.

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