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Re: BP Signature Profile plugin



Thanks for that information R-A-Y.

Does anyone have any ideas how to take a BP-PRESS created profile field, and have the information placed within that BP-PRESS field automatically show up in the a posted wire or group forum post/message?

I think the real issue is that I am looking for something that will not just allow text, but html embedded images too. I mean alot of people that use signatures like to have their signature show their name, then a banner image under it. So, even using a profile field would be limited, because, it probably couldn’t allow embedding of images. I don’t think the BD-DEV’s tinymce works with profile fields in bppress at this time.

I have posted on BD-DEV’s website to see if Nicola Greco has any thoughts about this. I also posted on _CK_’s area on the bbpress showcase website to see if the plugin author of “BBPRESS Signatures” has any thoughts about converting their plugin to BP-PRESS.

I consider that the BP-PRESS Signature a very important plugin, and if this plugin ever gets created by someone, then I am positive that many of you will find it very useful for wires or group forum discussions. I mean look at PHPBB or Invision Pro Board, etc. Those forums thrive on signatures in their posts.

You can follow the current posts that I made:


and on _CK_’s area in the bbpress showcase website:

I truly hope that we will be able to see something like this type of plugin in the near future.

Thanks for everyones replys and thoughts.

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