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Re: BP-Slick – Probably THE BEST BP theme I’ve ever seen.



I agree with @hnla.. I’ve made a pretty nice pre-sales forum here:

I would gladly explain more about the features and tell you more.

@whitbyglennk: the demo you saw was from BP-Minimal, a FREE theme to be released soon. BP-Slick is a different Premium Theme and a feature overview can be viewed here: I can safely say that it’s the most feature rich premium BuddyPress theme too date, but you have to decide for yourself if you think it’s worth it. If you have any questions just let me know ok ? Also upgrades are indeed free and new styles and color variations can be submitted by the community in the support group. There will also be templates for popular 3rd Party Plugins. I do not believe in monthly subscriptions and the theme will be upgrade free for as long as BuddyPress keeps using the Parent-Child Theme structure (which will be forever I presume)

@Pisanojm: Check out which runs on BP-Slick and check out the demo and select the “BP-Slick Theme” in the sidebar to view the demo!

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