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Re: bpContents 1.0 Alpha 2 Released


“The bpc categories can be hierarchial like you describe Anointed. All content in bpc is a tree of either containers (tags and categories) or content items. Containers can have child containers. Categories are containers. So categories can have child categories like you describe.

The current user interface just doesn’t do that. I’m working on the docs for bpc right now.”

Hi Burt –

This plugin is extremely useful to our website because it offers so many categories. As you mentioned here, the nesting or child container capability does not seem to be active right now. As you are working on the code updates, will it be possible to take existing categories that have existing items and move them into a tree strucutre without having to reassign categories, or perhaps just amend the name of the categories?

To explain, I had wanted to make a Group Category called Boats, and then two subcategories, one called Types and one called Manufacturers. Since the ‘nesting’ is not ready right now, I had to make two top level categories, one that is labeled BOATS – Types and one that is labeled BOATS – Manufacturers. I had to do the same with COMMUNITIES (9 separate top level categories instead of 1), and for COUNTRIES, I had to create 27 separate top level categories instead of 1.

So I hope you can understand my desire to take these existing categories, which will soon be tied to any number of groups, and be able to rename them and put them under a new broader category. Otherwise, it will mean having to delete and recreate all these categories.

Also, one other feature request: if you can add an alphabetization sorting to the cateogries, that would be really useful.



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