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Re: Bring a post in from another blog


@anointed is almost the pefect tool for this. It doesn’t allow you to choose which ones to bring in, it brings them all in.

I found one glaring problem though and it has to do with images in posts from other blogs. Basically when a post is made on another blog, it seems that it is automatically copied behind the scenes to the primary blog, only the title will link back to the original blog.

The problem with images, is that when wordpress gallery inserts images into a post, it uses a relative path and that is what is saved. Because that is what is brought over to the original blog, when the loop tries to display the image, it has no way of knowing what the blog id# of the image truly is.


the 4th article down is ‘welcome to the support blog, if you click the title, notice it takes you to another domain. I did nothing to make this happen, it is all automated. When I created the post on the other blog, it was automatically added to my primary buddypress site blog.

If I could find a way around the image problem, then at least for me it’s the perfect solution to what your asking for

oh yeah, has the same duplicate activity problem as other plugins mentioned above. solution to that lies in

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