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Re: buddybar wont go away after deactivation



Ok, I completely removed bp from the system, that removed the bar

I then uploaded the new vs. to the plugins folder and the buddybar was still gone.

I then edited the bp-core.php file to set my ‘bp-root-blog’ to the blog id# for my community blog.

Finally I activated bp.

Here is the problem I can’t figure out now:

bp is in the area

‘Plugins that appear in the list below are activate for all blogs across this installation.’

I did not put bp in the mu-plugins folder, I put it into the plugins folder.

How do I get bp to activate on only the blog’s I want it active on?

(I have a number of customer blogs who do NOT want bp, and a few that do, so having the ability to turn bp on for single blogs is very important, and used to work in the old vs. for me, just not the recent versions)

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