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Re: BuddyPress Alternative WP Symposium



@Svenl77 Tested it late last month. Aside from the similarity with Mingle plugin and with upcoming BP version 1.3 of rendering components as pages, WP Symposium still has some way to go before it can become a serious contender of BuddyPress which handles a full grown network of users and sites.

Having said that, the development of WP Symposium is coming along fast and looks like Simon Goodchild is meeting deadlines, so big kudos to him. Also, initial testing shows I can activate WP Symposium in each subsite (though a bit buggy in my install) so that’s a big plus for those who are looking for a social engine for each subsite. I can only surmise that if there were more devs helping Simon, it’ll be really cool plugin to use.

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