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Re: Buddypress and wp-wishlist help

Craig Sunney


Thanks Armand,

Was that a single install of WP or WPMU?

Regarding the question by Jeff Sayre (hello Jeff :) on Why WP-Wishlistmember….. it adds the granular control to setup of access control to sections of content by level, but (more importantly for us) allow that content to be dripped out over time. …and the flexibility to show different content (anything including payment buttons, text, images etc) on the same page or post depending on the member’s level.

I’ve not yet seen anything else that allows us to do this. The closest solution was Amember, and that required separate dashboards. I am open to being shown how to do this in other ways with compatible buddypress plugins..

Support ticket back from WP-Wishlist today regarding integration with community features/plugins (like those offered by Buddypress) in the future

Thank you for your message.

I did a search for Buddy Press and Wishlist member and it appears someone was able to make the two work together.

With that being said, we do not have any documentation on or offer support for Buddy Press or for other plugins.

WishList is compatible with most plugins, but we just do not have the time to test them all. We wish we could.

We will start development for a forum add-on soon but I can’t give you a definite timeline at this point.

Take Care,

Thanks for any comments..


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