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Re: BuddyPress and wpMU, some expert advice needed



Thanks for the reply much appreciated.

1& 2 all clear work that out

3) If you already have users blogging on WPMU, BuddyPress will detect these user’s blogs (I’m quite sure BP detects them!). BP groups and forums build off of WPMU’s userbase; groups being a BP thing and forums being a BP/bbPress thing. So when you install BP, your users will have to configure their groups and forums from scratch.

Could you clarify this a bit more?

5) BuddyPress does indeed utilize bbPress for forum functionality. The next buddypress when does it get released?

Is there some documanation on bbpress + wpmu + buddypresS? I once did a regular wordpress and bbpress integration but could not find a simple way to integrate the bbpress forums in a wordpress page or match there layouts

Great thanks! going to look into this today

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