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Re: BuddyPress and wpMU, some expert advice needed



Re #3 – Your blogs will stay intact. Buddypress will create a few components called groups and forums (if you have bbPress installed). Groups can be configured by users or admins. BP forums are a part of groups.

Re #5 – There’s a few forum threads about integration and a couple of guides floating around the net.

The next version of Buddypress is scheduled to be released next week (August 11), but I won’t be surprised if they push it back a few weeks since there’s a lot of new stuff being implemented.

Right now, if you want a tight integration, you’ll have to theme WPMU and BuddyPress at the very least. There’s no way around it.

Re #6:

Groupblog plugin –

– It’s still in development… I would just test this for now

Community Blogs for BuddyPress –

– A revision was made by Boone Gorges available here – hxxp:// (change hxxp to http)

– I’ve been meaning to test this, but haven’t yet

Keep in mind that these plugins would give a group a blog, but not a forum for each blog like you want… both have a different way of achieving this method.

The groupblog plugin would be more tightly integrated, whereas the “Community Blogs” plugin provisions group members to an existing WPMU blog.

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