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Re: BuddyPress as a school network

Frank & Stein


Hello Boone.
Thank you for your kind help. I’m new to BP and i am still trying to understand in depth how it works. About your suggestions there are a few things that do not work exactly as you said (at least for me).
1. Admin has to approve all new sign-ups and make the new Member part of 1 (and only one) Group. Only after this action by the Admin, an activation email is sent to the new Member. As an alternative to this process, a new Member could only sign-up after the Admin sends him an invite to a particular Group.
I need the Admin to review the sign-up request, add the new member to a particular group and then send a confirmation to the new member. With the suggestion you made (wp-invites + bp-group-management) all works well, but the member gains access to the website as soon as he signs-up. When he logs in for the first time he is still not part of a group, because most probably the Admin didn’t have time to do this. For me it’s not important if the system is set in a way that it has to be the Admin to invite new members or if is up for the new members to ask to join. As long as the new member gains access exclusively after he has been added to a group by the Admin.

2. If the Groups are set to private they still appear in the group directory. I changed them to hidden and now they can only be seen by it’s members, which is perfect for my needs. But since that now i’m left with one empty tab in the groups directory (all groups), is there a way of making it disappear by editing some file? If so, which one and where?

3. Members can only see the list of the other Members of his Group
For now, even with all groups set to hidden, the members can have access to a list of all members. Is there a way to make them have access to a list of only the members of his group?

4. How can i prevent members to exit the group or groups they are part of? Maybe by editing some file?

Again, i appreciate all the help that you can provide.
Thank you.

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