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Re: BuddyPress Classifieds Component 1-beta released !



Hi Grosbouff, thank you for all the update. As nexia mentioned above, the classifieds theme folder, css folder and js folder are not in the buddypress-classifieds 1.002 download. So does this mean we use the classifieds theme, css and js from buddypress-classifieds 1.0 beta download?

Those are tags you have to create in your data-blog and then put their “ids” in (eg:7,4)

My bad, read too fast and missed the last phrase :-) Thank you.

The roles are retrieven from your blog. I don’t understand your question very well but you should find the usual wordpress roules there

Thank you. Strange thing really, when I checked the roles for classified ads in my test install this morning – there was no Keymaster role, and I could have sworn it was there in the classified roles list last night :-)

Looking at the Roles & Capabilities panel of Classifieds (cool tool), almost all capabilities are self-explanatory except that I am not familiar with “Republish my Classifieds” – what does this mean and how can this be done? I haven’t explored the plugin that thoroughly yet so may be missing something.

Kudos Grosbouff for getting this plugin up and running with the bp 1.2 default theme.

Thanks again.

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