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Re: BuddyPress Classifieds Component 1-beta released !



Hi Grosbouff, thank you. I auto-installed your plugin to test installation. Cannot activate plugin. Double-checked server, buddypress-classifieds folder is there but it is double-nested.

Fixed double-nesting. Went to Plugins > Install. In addition to BuddyPress Classifieds Plugin, I also activated the new BuddyPress Classifieds Roles & Capabilities Plugin sitewide. But there is still a nag – “There is a new version of BuddyPress Classifieds Roles & Capabilities Plugin URI: …”

Moved classifieds theme to my bp-1.2 child theme in wp-content/themes/mercime-bp12child/classifieds.

Created new blog named bpclassified tests; set Privacy settings, set categories like Backpack, Tents, Shirts, Shorts, etc.

In admin BuddyPress > Classified settings

a. Options Page

– input the blog ID of special classified ads blog

– input days active

– “If you want special tags (e.g. : propositions, offers) to sort your classifieds, put their ids here – comma-separated” – so I wrote some tags like : new, used, giveaway, red, blue, black

– Checked option for Auto-suggest Tags

b. Roles and Capabilities.

– Very Nice.

Question, there is no Site Admin or Admin Role there, so do I assume that Keymaster ala forums is for Site Admin, correct?

c. System Reset – great add-on thanks.

d.Support and Donate page – cool.

So all settings saved. Went to front page and see that “Classifieds” is now part of the main navigation menu in 1.2 bp-default theme.

======= got to leave for a while, will be back later to continue with results of test =======

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