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Re: BuddyPress Classifieds Component 1-beta released !



========== Continued ==========

Using 1.2 bp-default theme. Based on roles set in classified settings page, I allowed contributors upward to post classified ads.

Posting Classified Ads from BP frontend

1. Clicked on Classifieds on Main Nav.

2. In Classified Ads Directory Page – click on Create A Classified

2.1 – Classified Details – page has fields for Title and Description, then click on “Create Classified and Continue

2.2 – Classified Setttings – page has list of categories created per classified component instruction via special new blog and field box where you could add tags, and click on “Next Step”

2.3 – Classified Invites – page where you can send invites to other members re classifieds, click on “Finish”

Classified Ad Entry posted appears in Classified Ad Directory Page. The ad was also posted on the special new blog as post entry per my check. In addition, under member Profile Page, there’s now a link “My Classifieds” listing all entries posted in Classified Ads.

Posted Classified Entry from Special Blog Created for the plugin component

– Tested posting from the special blog to see if it appears in the BP-installed site. It Does.

Also, when you post the listing from the special blog, the tags show up in the Classified Directory Page and in single Classified Ad Entry page

Other Notes:

1. Classified Ad Entries do not appear in Activity Streams of Member nor Home Page

2. Site Admin should delete Hello World first post in new private blog set up for classifieds – if not configured to delete before

3, Created Blog for Classifieds plugin Settings > Privacy was set to Block Google but allow online visitors – but the special blog is showing up in Blogs Directory even when Site Admin is logged out.

4. Single page for a Classified Ad Entry – does not have navigation back to list of classifieds or have a “Reply” field box for possible interested clients.

5. Categories chosen and Tags added during set up of Classified Ad Entry, are not showing up anywhere in Classified Directory Page or single page of the Classified Entry.

6. Feature Request: ability to upload even a small single 150×150 image to go along with the classified ad entry.

Great job, Grosbouff. Thank you for continuing development on this component. Really Cool.

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