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Re: BuddyPress Contents 1.0 Plugin Released – Tags, Categories in BP


Any CSS champs out there who can help with bpc 1.0 look and feel? I emailed Burt and hit indicated that CSS was not his best hand.

The issue: using the bphome theme, bpc 1.0, and nicola greco’s widget plugins. The home page of Buddypress has bullet points that are square and perfectly aligned below the point down arrow of a widget bar for say, a page that is added. (I use it for FAQ’s so I have 4 separate pages and therefore 4 bullet points.)

With bpc 1.0, and really not sure if Nicola’s widget plugin has anything to do with this, I have added member and group categories as widgets to the left and center columns of the home page. The result is that both of the widgets list the categories as bullet items but the bullets are round and left aligned beyond the down arrow of the widget bar.

Would love to “enhance” Burt’s bpc css to make the bullets square and align like the rest of the widget listings.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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