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Re: Buddypress dont see old WPMU blogs. Error: 'hasn't created any public blogs yet'

John James Jacoby


BuddyPress doesn’t modify any WordPress tables or data. It does add a few entries to your _options though. The easiest way to “uninstall” BuddyPress is to drop the tables it creates when it installs. They usually start with “wp_bp_”.

Very few WordPress plugins have a real “uninstall.” Most of them pollute the WordPress tables with their data and when you deactivate and delete that plugins files, their settings and data still remain in the database. It took me a while to get used to that too, coming from a world where if you don’t need something, you get rid of it; But it doesn’t hurt anything keeping it there, and it even helps sometimes if you decide to revisit a plugin that you deleted 6 months ago.

In the coming weeks I may write a plugin to import existing blogs into the wp_bp_* tables, but the risk with that kind of thing is just like any other aggregator, it will be a very heavy routine that goes through all users, all blogs, all posts, and all comments, and feeds them into the BuddyPress tables for future use.

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