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Re: BuddyPress – Events Component (like facebook)



@David: I have the exact same problem. A demo site with all plugins would be great. My site is a non-profit site, but i wouldn’t mind pay for it. I really think events should be a core component, because 90% of all communities would benefit from such a feature. Same is valid for an album component. But on the other hand buddypress is driven by only 2 guys and they are doing an absolute awesome job, so i do understand that not every wish come true.

@DJPaul: I’m really happy that you are going to develop your own component. May i ask if you have any plans to provide it for free and if its also focused on groups? I know ur Achievements plugin and i really like it. It doesn’t fit my target audience, but you could count me in for testing an events component if u need any help.

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