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Re: BuddyPress – Events Component (like facebook)



I’m with you David. I just posted a comment on that plugin to ask about changes to their subscription model. $79 is a small price to pay for something that powerful but unlike other software, you NEED to be able to get updates with how often bp/wp updates come out. The difference is that unlike other software that means you just don’t get new features, this plugin will probably BREAK when the new version comes out. Think about having to keep buying a game for your xbox every time xbox live gets updated or having to rebuy software every time microsoft updates windows with patches.

I propose that for subscription models like them, that it would be good if they offered free upgrades to software THAT YOU HAD ACCESS TO WHEN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WAS LIVE. I can understand not giving you acess to new software/plugins but if they just offered you updates for something like 6 months, that would be sufficient. or else, if they just sold the plugin by itself and you received updates for free, that would work too.

For instance, i register and download theme A and plugin A and cancel my subscription. Next month plugin b comes out and BP 1.2 comes out. I can understand not getting plugin B but if plugin A breaks with 1.2, that means that I paid $79 for it to work for a month and then will need to buy it again.

Am I crazy in thinking this? I’m sure like me this project has a very limited budget and $80 a month just to make sure that my site will continue to function is a bit out of range.

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