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Re: BuddyPress – Events Component (like facebook)

on wpmudev, i also cancelled my subs after the first month… ok, at first i was sure it was a monthly payment, not a subscription, so i did not care… but the day the paypal sent me a notice about the renewal, i was shocked.. lol i requested a refund, they refused. and worst, i requested a refund and instead of it, my account was cancelled … on day one of the second month subs… come on… what, 80$…

on my site, people pay 2 kinds of subscriptions… half price if you do not require support… 25$ for a complete month without limit… that’s good.. lol. and all the tools on my site are bringing profits on a site, so it’s a low price. but wpmu, they do not worth 80$/m…

we can’t point out their technique, i was the one who registered first, they did not force me to, so i can’t blame them… but as i donate to all the coders that i use the codes from, that was a big 2 months donation.. lol

that’s one of the faces of GPL… someone can subscribe to a site like this, steal the whole work, recode the tools and re-release them for free or even paid… nobody will be able to say a word, because that’s why the GPL was built…

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