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Re: BuddyPress – Events Component (like facebook)



Oh Mike go over ther you have to see the show… features people were begging for a long time they are rolling out in quick fashion. They have a new twitter integration (a lot like twire if you ask me). You can easily generate your own sitemaps now, and a few others like javascript in the network headers. I’m telling you Buddypress must really have them scared. :-)

I keep one eye on what they have going on because I still have a few networks that I am wanting to export/import out of there… But I will never ever go back to that joint I love Buddypress! In addition there is no way the Ning freemium business model is going to be sustainable aver the long term. They are going to have to take liberties from their networks sooner or later. It will be more painful the next time they do.

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