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Re: BuddyPress i18n Topics

John James Jacoby


I’m currently working on a user language setting for BuddyPress that will take on not just user settings but assist in translation for user to user interaction. There are lots of places where BuddyPress might not be completely internationalized, and the most likely cause is probably attributed to the developers and contributors so far being primarily native English speakers.

It’s hard for us to test different languages since we don’t understand the languages we’re looking at or reading or what they’re supposed to look like. We’re relying on the qualified multilingual developers to help us track down and fix the areas that could use the attention.

My current focus is on the English to Spanish side of this, with Portuguese next on the list. I’ve briefly tested the display of Chinese and French but admit that I understand those languages much much less.

I read a few weeks back there’s a plugin out there that’s starting to help out with the translation and language barrier. I hope that as more and more people start using BuddyPress that more people also help contribute to internationalizing it.

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