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Re: BuddyPress i18n Topics

Does anybody know if it’s already a known issue with activity stream in BP 1.2-final – content that loaded by clicking “more” button (through AJAX I suppose) completely untranslatable (buttons like Reply, Favorite, delete links, “more” button itself etc.). At least at my particular installation. Did anyone experience the same problem? Should it be reported?

I’m not so good in AJAX so I’m relying on default theme and could not provide the sufficient feedback on that, but it seems that some text are hardcoded in JS and didn’t affected by texdomain file.

I’ve browsed trac tickets – there’re some concerning the i18n issues but not exactly this as it seems to me.

P.S. @jjj

That’s the great news – about the user language settings – it seems the most appreciated feature in multilingual communities. But is it possible to share some concept – what will it look like and how will itl be integrated with WP internationalization?

I’m asking because I’m developing a plugin that provide this language setting functionality for registered users… and despite that my code is not as nearly perfect as yours I’d be happy to help somehow or al least I’d like to know that my own work is not going in completely wrong direction… thanks in advance

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