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Re: BuddyPress in /plugins/ not /mu-plugins/ from r1303+



Ok so i just uploaded my svn and it has messed up a few things like the admin bar is displaying funny on the bottom and my profile nav buttons and options nave buttons are now displaying funny..

Currently i am runing bp 1309 and a stable zip uploaded wpmu 2.7

My site Spots kenya is part of a final year degree project and so its quite important that when i reach the handin (May 15) it is fairly stable.

The question I have are these..

1) Should i revert back to a svn previous to 1303 and just work with that or…

2) Should i start from scratch quite literally… I have no users at the moment so my database can be scrapped.

3) if i start from scratch i assume that i…. c o into what a) my root OR b) a folder eg wpmu then transfer the files to spotskenya base or root. c)

4) once i have wpmu running perfectly i can then

a) co to say /wp-content/buddy press

b) use symbolic links to /wp-content/plugins —- guide here ( which needs to be updated to plugin btw.

c) or just transfer (which will not update latest svn changes.

5) Re upload my bp-spotskenya-theme to /wp-content/bp-themes/ (WHAT CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE THE THEM ?)

Anything that i ahve missed?? Please say…

Sorry if this is all really basic but i am learning as i go but really do need to get it right as its quite a chunk of my degree..

thanks so much..

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