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Re: BuddyPress in /plugins/ not /mu-plugins/ from r1303+

John James Jacoby


Just a note for everyone to consider, is that there are two separate applications going on here, and not every trunk/branch of one is going to take into consideration every trunk/branch of the other. This may go without saying for many, but I think it’s fair to remind everyone again…

While the goal is for everything to stay as stable as possible, it’s still a cat and mouse game until WPMU 2.7.1 comes out, and BuddyPress 1.0 comes out. Anything before that, is going to give you headaches and cause problems if you’re trying to stay on the bleeding edge of what’s going on.

When new trunks/betas/rc’s come out, if you have a stable, working environment that works well enough as it is, my personal suggestion (unless you have the time, patience, and understanding userbase) is to leave well enough alone on live sites, and use the trunks and betas on a separate install ONLY for you to become comfortable with the changes as they happen.

You wouldn’t install the next beta version of Windows on your work computer right? Not if your livelihood is at stake!

Long story short, don’t count on any of these things actually working 100% of the time. Read, re-read, and thrice-read the upgrade instructions as they don’t become 100% clear until you’ve already messed them up. :)

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