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Re: BuddyPress is stalling – is it my hosting company or BuddyPress



Personally i think it is your shared host; WPMU+BP needs pretty healthy servers to run optimally. I’m quite obsest with speed and testing. The WPMU+BP sites need at leats 512MB ram and CPU resources so any servers with avg load >3 it will just die. I’d say on shared hosting the HDD is being battered and trying to run BP MySQL queries on a shared host for it will run out of memory and start using the already busy HDD to store temp tables and data. Even using Super Cache you are reading and writing from an overworked HDD.

I’m not saying it is your shared host but i think its likely.

But i would still test it. Move your site to one side. Install the latest stable WPMU + BP and see what happens. If its still sluggish on those then its your host.

In my experience you need at least 512Mb free RAM, CPU load averages <3, good HDD health, basic apache (unnecessary modules removed), Super Cache, WP_Cache and e-Accelerator or x-cache if you can compile it into apache.

I tried to get nginx setup as a reserve proxy but had issues, that would be the ultimate.

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