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Re: BuddyPress Like



@paulhastings0, @Anointed, @Rbl

Thanks for letting me know about the bugs, 0.0.7 fixes the ‘You do not have permission to do that.’ error you have been experiencing.


0.0.7 also fixes the issue of display options not being saved. However, it doesn’t address your other issues:

* “%user% likes an activity” type updates will not be translated into the custom version, as these have been saved to the main BuddyPress Activities table of the database *prior to the custom messages*. So I think the ‘untranslated’ activities you are seeing were made before you upgraded? That’s why they appear to be untranslated after you hit the ‘View more’ button.

* I cannot confirm the bug you noticed about ‘View more’ button not working; but I’ll do a bit of testing to find out!

* The ‘View likes’ button currently doesn’t appear on ‘mini’ activities, this is intentional due to styling problems, however that will be fixed in a later version.


The custom messages are not intended to be translations as such, but to allow site admins to change ‘like’ to ‘love’ or similar. This is just to allow flexibility. Localization comes from the defaults being provided in the desired language.

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