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Re: BuddyPress Links 0.2-RC1 now available




Can you post a screenshot of the site? It looks fine in FF. There have been some reports of Safari bugs, but nobody has been kind enough to submit a fix/patch yet.

File server permissions are kind of beyond the scope of support for this particular plugin. The files are set up to be created in the standard WPMU directory, the same as the core BP components. In your case the directory /httpdocs/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/link-avatars needs to be writable by the web server. You would probably have better luck opening up a support ticket with your hosting company.


Thanks for taking the time to test and post feedback.

I have not worked on BP 1.2 support yet. They are saying that it will probably be late January before 1.2 is officially released, so I don’t want to try to support it yet when a lot could change between now and then.

I am getting a lot of requests to support 1.2 “now” but all I can say is that 1.2 is bleeding edge right now, and I don’t plan to ever support bleeding edge versions of BP. Once it is closer to release I will start working on support.

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