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Re: BuddyPress Links 0.2-RC1 now available



The descriptions of this plugin sounds great. I was trying it myself om WPMU2.9.1.1 and Buddypress1.1.3 with just the BP-default theme.

The installation went fine.

But if I ceate a new link to a youtbe video and try to save the link. I get an error at the top saying: “Please fill in all of the required fields”. But I don’t see any field I can fill in.

An other nice feature would be to sync the categories with the categories used for posts.

I could use this for combining posts in a certain category and links with videos/foto’s in the same category. This can also be done with tagging. The only problem for this is that the same tags needs to be used sitewide by all users.


The first point was that with a refresh of the page the category selection was not filled in anymore.

Two more features:

a) support for vimeo (and other big video hosting sites)

b) let users delete links.

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