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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.3 FINAL is here at last

Couple of things that may be of vague interest.

1/ Just tested on a unmodified 2.9.1 / 1.2.1 install live server and the plugin seems to work flawlessly on PHP 5.1.6 in your readme.txt you state requirement of 5.2 perhaps to be safe?

EDIT/ ignore following just read the readme more carefully “not compatible with 1.2.x classic theme” hmm more and more the upgrade to 1.2.1 while maintaining backwards compatibility is simply not a viable proposition. projects like BP / WP rely heavily on third party plugins and the whole extensible nature if upgrades leave major plugins such as Events and Links non functional then there rapidly is little point in backwards compatibility, one finds not much choice but to upgrade fully. I have to know scrunb the theme work I’ve done and start over working on the 1.2.1 stream long before I had wished to given time constraints *sigh*

2/ appears there’s a possible jquery init issue. trying to get plugin to run on dev server running install using backwards compatible plugin / BP 1.2.1

As previous posters report Ajax will not fire whatsoever looking at script debugger shows this occuring in your global.js

‘bp_init_objects is not defined

bp_init_objects( [ ‘links’ ] );


Line 9′

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