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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.4.x Releases and Support




Please post again once you have tried 0.4-beta. I don’t want to clutter this thread with 0.3.x support.

Regarding changing the slug, it is not recommended because I have not received any feedback on how well it works. If you are willing to test it and give feedback that would be great!


No activity stream attachments until we can integrate something into the core (1.4 or later).

The API parses the remote HTML file and sorts all of the images it finds in order of priority, jpgs, then pngs, then gifs.

Right now the remote image size must be between 2048 and 51200 bytes (checked with a HEAD request).

If the images are not in that range, or their site’s server has some kind of anti-hotlinking blocking, or if the image’s server does not support a HEAD request, then they will not show up in the thumb picker.

The API will attempt a HEAD request on up to 24 images, and will stop once it has found 12 images that allow a remote referrer, and are within the byte range (above).

If you have any ideas to improve on this algorithm, let me know :)

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