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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.4.x Releases and Support

Terrific plugin! Using BuddyPress Links 0.4.1 (with BuddyPress 1.2.3, WPMU 2.9.2). Some feedback:


– When viewing a link in the Links tab, the A tag of the external link icon needs a target=”_blank”.

– Would be nice to have “Report Broken Link” and “Flag as Inappropriate” buttons for each link (or may be simply “Report” to save space, and it popups to “Report Broken Link” and “Flag as Inappropriate”). Then have that status show up in the Manage Links page as two additional columns. And also have a way of filtering and showing just broken or inappropriate links in the Manage Links report. And also have a way to clear status. Perhaps record user who reported the status (in case that user is falsely reporting and should be banned).


– Instead of 3 entries in the BuddyPress dashboard menu (i.e.: BuddyPress Links / Manage Links / Edit Categories), have only one entry “Links”. Then divide the admin page into tabs: Settings, Links, Categories, Support, About.

– The “Search Links” box and the “Search Categories” box (on the Manage Links and Edit Categories pages, respectively) are not in the same vertical location. “Search Links” box is above the heading, “Search Categories” is below the heading.

– Disable the “Delete” buttons if no Links/Categories selected to delete.

– When doing a search (Search Links / Search Categories), add a “Show all Links” / “Show all Categories” button/link to clear the search criteria.

Manage Links page:

– Make all the A tags (Details / Owner / Edit) have target=”_blank”.

– Link the link avatar to the destination URL (with a target=”_blank”).

– If hover over a link avatar, show full size image in floating popup (like a tooltip).


– Have a setting to enable/disable rel=”nofollow”.

– Have 3 checkbox settings to hide a link if it: (1) goes below a specified negative rating (e.g.: -10); (2) is flagged inappropriate a specified number of times; (3) reported broken a specified number of times. The link’s owner would still see the link but with a warning.

– Have a setting to specify what avatar to show if none specified. First radio box would be “default avatar”, following by radio boxes to select screen snapshot thumbnail from the various snapshot website services.

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